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Welcome to the New Jersey Education Policy Forum

This new blog will go live sometime in the next few weeks. This blog will be a collaboration of several academic scholars who study education policy specifically and public policy more broadly. This blog is created by Bruce Baker of the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, who also authors the School Finance 101 blog.

This blog is a collaborative endeavor, with the specific purpose of providing analysis and critique of education policy in New Jersey, by New Jersey based scholars (individuals with relevant doctoral degrees in education policy, public policy and related social sciences).

Bios of additional collaborating scholars will be added when available.

Posts on this blog will be in the format of policy briefs, where our intent is to make those briefs no longer than 10 pages.  For each post, we will include both the blog post and a link to a PDF file of a printable, formatted policy brief which may be copied and distributed freely.  When possible, we will also post separately a) links to all data used in constructing the policy briefs and b) additional versions and summaries designed to inform different audiences.