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About the Site Coordinators


Bruce D. Baker

Full vitae: B.Baker.Vitae_APRIL_2013

Bruce D. Baker is the creator of the New Jersey Education Policy Scholars blog.  Bruce is a Professor in the Department of Educational Theory, Policy and Administration at Rutgers Graduate School of Education in New Brunswick. Prior to his arrival at Rutgers, Bruce was a professor at the University of Kansas for 11 years. He has authored a textbook on School Finance Policy, a book on data analysis for school leaders, and numerous peer reviewed research articles.

His profile on Google Scholar may be found here.

His recent report Is School Funding Fair, coauthored with David Sciarra and Danielle Farrie of the Education Law Center of New Jersey won the 2013 American Educational Research Association, Division L Award for best Policy Report.

His research bridges the areas of school finance (public, charter and private), teacher and administrator labor markets, quantitative analysis and the intersection between statistical analysis in education policy and the law.  He has testified as an expert witness in state and federal courts, primarily in cases regarding the equity and adequacy of state school finance systems.


Joseph Oluwole

Dr. Joseph Oluwole is an associate professor of education law at Montclair State University. His research interests include the legal rights and responsibilities of teachers and public school districts; educational access and equity; as well as the legal rights and responsibilities of students. Dr. Oluwole has published several articles analyzing laws and policies affecting education and has given several conference and symposium presentations nationally (including at the American Education Research Association Annual Conference and the University Council for Educational Administration Annual Conference). His list of select publications include: Baker, B., Oluwole, J., & Green, P. (2013). The legal consequences of mandating high stakes decisions based on low quality information: Teacher evaluation in the Race-to-the-Top era. Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA), 21, 1-71; Oluwole, J., Green, P., & Stackpole, M. (2013). Sext Ed: Obscenity versus Free Speech in Our Schools. Praeger Publishers; Oluwole, J. & Green, P. (2009). State takeovers of school districts: Race and the Equal Protection Clause. Indiana Law Review, 42, 343-409; Oluwole, J. (2009). A coach and prayer: The anatomy of Borden v. School District of the Township of East Brunswick. West’s Education Law Reporter, 249, 561-81; Green, P., Baker, B., & Oluwole, J. (2009). The No Child Left Behind Act and the birth of race-conscious school finance litigation. In M. Dyson & D. Weddle (Eds.), Our promise: Achieving educational equity for America’s children. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press; Green, P., & Oluwole, J. (2008). The implications of Parents Involved for charter school racial balancing provisions. West’s Education Law Reporter, 229, 309-32.


Julia Sass Rubin

Julia Sass Rubin is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.

Dr. Rubin earned her PhD and MA from Harvard University, an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School, and an AB with honors from Harvard-Radcliffe College.  She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Alfred A. Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University and spent a year as a Henry Luce Scholar in Bangkok, Thailand.

Additional Coordinators & Contributors to be Announced

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